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Contact the Black Arrow Gallery for scheduled “meet the artists” receptions. These events offer a great opportunity to meet Dennis and other local artists in a relaxing atmosphere. Reservations for a cowboy dinner and western music at the Lone Spur Café can be made by calling the Lone Spur Café or Black Arrow Gallery.

Local Galleries

You may find the work of Dennis Gallagher locally at:

Black Arrow Gallery of Western Art
124 West Gurley Street - Prescott, AZ
Phone: 800-621-6668

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Dennis first became fascinated with the West when he moved to Arizona with his family at the age of nine. The youngest of seven children, he has always been a family man, marrying his high school sweetheart, MaryAnn, and raising two sons. Although he was always interested in art, he didn’t pursue his dream until he had ended his engineering and sales career in the semiconductor electronics field.

After admiring the work of numerous artists, many of whom encouraged him to put his own creative talents to work, he decided to follow his heart and be a part of the growing number of dedicated people who want to preserve the heritage of the West. This desire takes him to various events in the Western United States that promote cowboy poetry, cowboy music, and Western and Native American art. Although primarily a self-taught artist, Dennis has studied under Mehl Lawson, one of the Cowboy Artists of America, to gain a better understanding of the horse anatomy, and learn first hand what is expected of a successful Western artist.

Dennis has two unique wall-mounted sculptures. The first was “Drinker of the Wind,” a wall-mounted sculpture illustrating one of the early Spanish mustangs brought to the Americas. This sculpture is available with dawn to dusk lighting to set off this beautiful piece even further (edition size of 25). Recently, Dennis completed "Wind Drinkers," for those who love "Drinker of the Wind" but desire a larger version. This sculpture features two horse heads and also is available with dawn to dusk lighting (edition size of 15). “Making Ends Meet” is a pair of horse heads mounted on horseshoe shaped bookends. These are beautifully detailed and would be a wonderful edition to any book lover’s home or office (edition size of 30). Dennis has sculpted two pieces honoring American cowboys and cowgirls. These sculptures are “Cowboy Spoken Here,” a bust of a cowboy, and “Cowboy Sweetheart,” which depicts a cowgirl holding a guitar.

The most recent piece, “Beat Up, But Not Used Up” depicts an old pair of working cowboy boots that are well worn, but not used up, resting on a bunkhouse floor. The edition size for this piece is 35. Other sculptures with limited editions still available at this time include “Lean on Me” and “Shortcut to Nowhere.” “Lean on Me” is a bust-type representation of a mare and foal, with the foal resting on the mare’s neck. A poem that was cast as an integral part of the base will most definitely touch anyone who reads it. The edition size for this piece is 25. “Shortcut to Nowhere” is a depiction of a stubborn, worn out cowboy who, despite warnings, decided to take a shortcut to save himself some time. On a rocky ledge, with the wind blowing fiercely at his back, he discovers that he must turn back and find the suggested trail to his destination. The edition size for this piece is 30.

Due to the immediate success of his work, Dennis’ sculptures in bronze have found their way into homes and corporate offices with private collections across America and Europe. Exposure at numerous art shows, including the prestigious Phippen Western Art Show, has proven very successful for him. His versatility, unique approach to composition and presentation, combined with his attention to detail, have made him a collector’s favorite. Becoming a collector of Dennis’ low edition size sculptures offers you a rare, ground floor investment opportunity in a timeless body of art that you will certainly treasure.

Pre-cast pricing is always available for those who want to take advantage of a generous discount on sculptures still in the clay art work stage of the process.

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